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s1 Lykos, a website design and development team specializing in affordable customized web site, blog design, ragnarok design and sprites.
  • Ragnarok Sprites
    From headgears to custom jobs, name it we can make it!
  • Website Design
    Clean, Sufficient & Fast. We provide the latest...
  • Patchers/Banners/Headgears
    Exclusive designs based on your request. We provide something different from others work!
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  • Premade Wesbites
    Check this Ragnarok Web Design free of charge!
  • Thor Patchers
    Thor Patcher give aways @ rathena.org!
  • RO Loading Screens
    Suitable Loading Screen for your Server!
Web Design

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Our Philosophy
We try and we provide the best of our knowledge to develop products according to the highest quality criteria for our costumers. Combined with the expert web developer from YHMWHY, we approach your project, thus ensuring your satisfaction and above all your success. We take the time to get to know you and your request. An intense co-operation to achieve the common goal is very important to us. We gladly support you from conceptual development up to the timely implementation of your request.
Terms and Conditions
When paying, you must provide us with your true, accurate, current and complete information needed for the transaction. s1 Lykos has the right to cancel any transaction where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that any information given is untrue, inaccurate, not current and incomplete. The client should understands that the use of the service are laid out on the following terms. The client upon acceptance of the contract will not be entitled to refunds.
  • If the project is a exclusive website design, you have to pay the 50% of the payment before we start to work on the project.
  • Rest assured that all personal information provided for each transaction will be kept confidential.
  • All transactions made and benefits received are non-refundable.
  • I will show you the project or send a preview when it's 50% done.
  • Exclusiveness will expired in 6 months. Contact us for renewal.

Before checking out, make sure that you read and agreed with our Terms and Conditions. To ensure that you understand the rules before checking out via PayPal.